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ParishPoll Organizational Development Survey
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General Parish Survey

Provide parish leaders with insight into the culture of their parish, including parishioner attendance levels, engagement, and perceptions of parish life.

Youth Group Survey

Bridge the gap between parish leaders and the next generation by engaging youth through a high-tech, user-friendly platform consistent with the technologies they use every day.

Pastor Feedback Survey

Solicit feedback on strategic and tactical elements of the performance of pastors and other parish leaders from parish constituents at any and all levels.

Parish Staff Assessment

Assess anything from basic measures of competency and leadership to more complex models of team dynamics and operational excellence.

Parish School Survey

Capture insight into the vitality of the parish school community and its alignment with the mission of the parish.

Special Group Surveys

Enable parish leaders to identify areas for improvement and areas of strength within special parish groups.


Online Surveys

Customized surveys administered via our secure survey platform result in data-rich reports to help parish leaders make more informed decisions.

On-Site Interactive Polling

Our interactive polling technology uses handheld devices to solicit anonymous responses and provide real-time feedback from parishioners during live presentations, workshops, focus groups, or other parish events.

Polling in a Box

Polling in a Box is a cost-effective package which provides parishes with an easy-to-use kit that allows them to harness the power of our interactive polling technology while minimizing expenses.

Paper Surveys

Surveys can be distributed via paper copies and manually entered into the survey platform upon collection.


Dynamic Dashboard

Analyze and explore the results of your survey with an online dashboard that empowers you to drill down into the data and find key patterns and trends to support making data-driven decisions.

Paper Reports

Printed and bound booklets containing the summarized results of your survey and insightful narratives can be shipped to you within one business day following the close of the survey.

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